Why DaaS Is One Of The Ultimate Tools For A Millennial Workforce

If you had to describe today’s Millennial workforce in one word, it would undoubtedly be “mobile.” Once considered a management nightmare, offsite flexibility is quickly becoming the new normal for professional services firms—fueled, in part, by statistics that show working from home boosts productivity.

The digital transformation has given way to an increasing number of remote employees and “supertemps”—skilled lawyers and other professionals who opt for remote, contract work. But it’s not just the number of remote workers that’s exploding. Between 2014 and 2015, the number of devices managed in the enterprise increased 72%, prompting a shift toward secure, streamlined workforce mobility solutions.


Why should your firm consider a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution? Here’s why your employees, your IT department and your firm’s leadership will be singing its praises.




Gone are the days of endless troubleshooting, complicated logins and incompatible files. The best DaaS solutions give your firm’s employees single-click access to their desktop and all their mobile, SaaS and Windows apps. With this streamlined system in place, your employees can share and sync files with ease, and enjoy seamlessly integrated email. The result? A more efficient workforce that spends time on billable tasks, not remote access issues.




Cybersecurity is one of the key issues facing professional services firms today. However, leading DaaS solutions are designed specifically with your security in mind. While your employees are working efficiently, your IT team has the ability to gain full control over their desktop and mobile devices. This means that they can actively monitor security issues, provide full support and configuration capabilities, and more.



Hosting your firms important applications, data and computing off-site provides peace of mind in knowing your information and business is safe, no matter what. DaaS solutions enable your team to work anywhere and from any device to keep your business moving forward, without skipping a beat.


How 5 Organizations Power Business Mobility With Mobile Workspaces

Work is no longer defined by traditional constraints or physical boundaries. The enterprise workforce transcends geographic and organizational borders to enable productivity wherever opportunities arise. People now expect the freedom to choose their work location, device and network according to the context in which they need to be productive. Beyond the productivity benefits of mobility, business success also depends upon agility—the ability to grow, shrink, combine and adapt business units in real time according to market dynamics. For IT, the challenge is to enable the unprecedented need for business mobility and agility with technology that satisfies user demands and meets business requirements.

Business mobility is an IT imperative. To deliver on its promise for productivity and agility, data and apps of all kinds must be available to people, across any type of device and over any network, with a great user experience. Behind the scenes, data security must be rock-solid, and regulatory and compliance requirements must be met with confidence. What’s needed is a single, end-to-end solution that tightly integrates best-of-breed technologies to deliver a comprehensive mobile workspace solution.



Businesses face both internal and external pressures to transform the way they empower the enterprise workforce. For IT, the diverse and increasingly mobile enterprise environment continues to produce complexity as mobile device strategies expand to include bring-your-own device (BYOD), choose-your-own device (CYOD) and corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) devices, each with it’s own set of management requirements.

Core to supporting these device strategies is managing and securing a wide variety of apps— including Windows, mobile, SaaS and web apps— as well as data and allow access to them anytime they’re needed, on any device. A seamless, convenient and personalized work experience across locations and devices is critical for people to maintain optimal productivity—but this user-centric design can’t come at the expense of security. As security threats and regulatory requirements both proliferate, IT must ensure secure access control, auditability and the protection of corporate assets wherever and however they’re accessed.

To keep pace with mobile workforce demands, many businesses have made multiple technology purchases to address challenges as they arise. As a result, they are now trying to manage fragmented and costly infrastructures

To keep pace with mobile workforce demands, many businesses have made multiple technology purchases to address challenges as they arise. As a result, they are now trying to manage fragmented and costly infrastructures that consume IT resources and don’t always meet workers’ needs for a seamless experience. Now there is a single solution that addresses the full scope of business mobility, from data to apps to devices to networking. This solution delivers complete security and compliance to minimize risk and offers a great user experience to more deeply engage people in their work.

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