What To Consider When Getting DaaS Services

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) promised a more productive and optimised IT management with a more optimised IT management solution. With this, organisations can now take on virtual desktops, especially with the advancement of virtual desktop technology.

Cloud technologies are continually growing in popularity, and more companies are taking advantage of easy access, minimised in-house management, OPEX budgeting and more efficiency. This shift has allowed businesses to benefit from high performing virtual desktops through cloud solutions coined desktop as a service (DaaS).

If your business really wants to experience good, successful virtual desktop solutions, a DaaS provider is essential. This post is going to help you with your research into finding a DaaS provider.

Virtual Desktop Support

The great thing about a DaaS provider is that they provide the “as a service” solution to your business, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining a comparable solution. Making it vital that you understand the different types of support a DaaS provider offers.

Because DaaS is relatively new, many DaaS providers claim to offer the service when, in fact, they provide more of an infrastructure or platform solution. This means that you need to be careful and pay close attention to the services they provide.

How Do I Differentiate DaaS Providers?

The best thing to do is make sure that the provider provides application and post-application support within their fully-managed services and not as an addition to a self-serve centre.

Complementary End User Computing Solutions

Many cloud solutions are commentary and designed to ensure that end-user computing (EUC) runs smoothly, simpler and easy to manage – from application streaming, cloud storage and file sharing. Tapping into a single vendor DaaS provider who offers multiple needs, the fewer vendors you’ll need, which makes your processes more manageable.

Backup And Disaster Recovery Options

A DaaS provider who provides data backup and disaster recovery is a must! Not being able to access your data is the quickest way to fall victim to ransomware.

You can choose on-premise or cloud-based solutions. Keep in mind that DaaS can take on both. A provider with reliable backup and recovery solutions gives business owners and managers peace of mind to take on other duties.

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