What Is Local Desktop Management?

More companies than ever are connecting all their devices to a centralised point for easy, streamlined management from a single desktop.

Local Desktop Management is a comprehensive IT solution that enables the management of many devices from a single, central location. This allows IT teams to remotely track devices, identify risks and update software within a network without leaving their desks.

Why Companies Need A Centralized Local Desktop Management System

There’s no underestimating the importance of your company’s IT team. Your IT experts must constantly ensure that your customers and clients have a smooth experience, and that “all things tech” are running as efficiently and effectively as possible. IT teams are vital to maintaining software updates and preventing cybercriminals from hacking their way into your system. They’re also crucial to creating and maintaining a winning tech infrastructure for your company.

Once upon a time, decentralized IT teams were the norm, with every company housing its own team. But having an onsite IT team at a company branch or figuring out how to manage software for remote workers can quickly become a drain on a company’s budget. These siloed IT infrastructures also make it more difficult to manage compliance and technology across an organization.

So what’s a savvy company to do to leverage its resources and ensure secure, updated devices across its network? More companies than ever are connecting all their devices to a centralised point for easy, streamlined management from a single desktop.

One study of European firms showed that 64% of companies utilized (and preferred) a centralized IT system. Many of them depended on an offsite IT team, often stationed at the company’s corporate headquarters.

How Local Desktop Management Changes The Game

Local desktop management is shaking up the game for businesses around the globe. It empowers companies by centralizing system control to enable branches and remote managers to do what they do best: run a winning business without worrying about system updates and IT budgets.

Here’s how a local desktop management service can set your business and team up for success.

  • Local desktop management streamlines the day-to-day: By shifting daily updates and IT management tasks to a central, onsite or offsite location, you empower IT teams to more easily manage every network device without leaving their desk.
  • Local desktop management opens the door for remote monitoring: Remote monitoring means that your IT team can literally be anywhere in the world and still track and assist with your devices. So whether you run a remote company or contract out specific roles like IT, your computers will never be left unmonitored. With real-time visibility, IT teams can view software issues, and update and configure applications and systems from virtually anywhere.
  • Local desktop management oversees risk and compliance: Local desktop management services compile real, actionable data that gives your centralized IT team both a big picture and granular view of what’s happening within your network. Local desktop management services also provides a risk report so IT can know what might be looming on the horizon—and, hopefully, step in before disaster strikes. 
  • Local desktop management keeps applications updated and secure: Gone are the days of having your resident IT guru walking from computer to computer to install updates. Local desktop management services enable your organization to install timely updates from a remote location—or from a single computer—to keep company software up-to-date and patched against intruders. Centralized management allows IT teams to mitigate risk by ensuring that every gateway is secured with the latest available patches. With the click of a button on a single screen, your IT team can deploy updates across all devices in the company.

Are you ready to discover how you can maximize your resources and tech capabilities? Contact our team of experts today to see how a local desktop management service can serve your business’ best interests.

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