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Over the years the term ‘cloud computing’ has been used to describe a number of different IT solutions – from accessing your software over the internet, to moving your servers to a data centre, and services only available on the web. But exactly which one is it, and how does it benefit your business?


DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) helps professional services firms improve staff productivity, retain talent, and flatten costs. DaaS is a virtual desktop infrastructure that puts your desktop environment (including servers, network, data and more) into the cloud for secure access by partners and staff anywhere, any time.


OBT's Unified Communications Service combines all your business communications into a single tool so that your team, clients and partners can collaborate across any workplace. Send instant messages, see where people are, and conduct voice and video conferencing from anywhere in the world - all through consistent, familiar interface.


Outsourcing your IT requirements can have significant benefits for your business from reduced capital outlay, reduced overheads, and improvements in efficiency, to name a few.


Your staff are targeted daily with phishing email messages that are designed to steal your company’s money. Cybercriminals do this by installing malicious software or stealing sensitive information off of your system.


A digital workplace strategy isn't about technology. It's about empowering people with the tools to enable them to work more efficiently. To achieve work/life balance.


Private cloud is a type of cloud computing that delivers advantages such as scalability and self-service, but through a proprietary architecture. Unlike public clouds, which deliver services to multiple organisations, a private cloud is dedicated to to a single organisation.


OBT's Hosted Skype for Business combines all your business communications into a single tool so that your team, clients, and partners can collaborate across any workplace. Send instant messages, see where people are, and conduct voice & video conferencing from anywhere in the world - all through a consistent, familiar interface.


At OBT, productivity is our driver, ensuring your people get the most from their IT systems environment, today and into the future. For over 15 years we've been helping businesses to communicate, share expertise, acquire knowledge and manage information.


With OBT's Hosted Exchange, you never need to worry about being out of touch with colleagues or clients, because we'll take care of all your email communications for you.


The user-friendliness of OBT's Skype for Business offering and white label service capabilities open up significant market opportunities among channel partners who are keen to maintain an exclusive relationship with their clients, yet do not have a track record or expertise in providing a wide stack of products as part of a private cloud offering.

Selecting the right partner

Why OBT?

OBT was established in 1999 by IT pioneer Shane Muller. From the very beginning we offered private cloud hosting services, and we’ve been at the forefront of the same industry ever since.

Unlike some other businesses in our field, we haven’t just jumped on the cloud bandwagon. We’ve got a proven track record that has withstood the dot com crash and a global financial crisis, and we continue to thrive as more businesses realise the benefits of cloud computing.

Today, we operate from four locations globally and offer a comprehensive set of cloud hosted services that span Desktop-as-a-ServiceUnified CommunicationsSecurity and Digital Workplace Transformation.

OBT is a pioneering and innovative cloud service provider that delivers highly customised technology services – all for the purpose of making customers’ business.

We understand that regardless of where you are located, you want to deal with people who are local to you – who understand your business culture and regulations, and who are accessible and responsive.

OBT offers local support in Australia and New Zealand, South-East Asia, North-America, and Europe. Our staff are local and attuned customer requirements in each region.

With a focus on having the right people to create a framework to support its customers in each stage of their growth, OBT offers customisable services to customers, and our flexible approach and small size make us agile and able to bring solutions quickly to market.

OBT exists to make a tangible difference to children and families within the global community. 

Since our inception a fixed portion of OBT’s profits have been assigned to change the lives of children and families who need help, via OBT’s charitable arm, “The Destiny Foundation”  which has been a substantial shareholder in OBT since 1999.

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OBT has a global footprint and specialises in enabling organisations to mobilise their workforce worldwide and minimise risk as they expand into new locations.

We enable companies to operate in multiple regions maintaining a single centralised platform while meeting jurisdictional requirements for individual locations. 

We have the infrastructure and experience to support rapid growth. Many of our clients have grown quickly and expanded internationally and the technology part of the journey evolved alongside them as they grew. 

We eliminate the headache of IT from your expansion plans and facilitate rapid deployment of your international infrastructure, enabling the business strategy without the limitations technology can place on operations.

OBT provides the “full package” – including a standardised global platform that offered consistency across all regions, with the benefit of local service support in each country. 

This solution also has the capability to adhere to in-country data storage in each location, allowing clients to meet strict compliance obligations.

With an office, staff, and data centre in each region, OBT is able to fully meet this global requirements of any fast-growing company.

If you are a multi-regional company looking to improve your compliance or mobility, or if you are considering setting up in a new location overseas, contact to one of our Solutions Consultants today.

Customers are the front and centre of our business and we value our relationships with them as one of the most important things that we do.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and personal. As a pioneering Cloud Solutions company we lead when it comes to industry knowledge and adoption of new technology advancements. But we understand, that business is not only about technology. We are experts in our field, but for us, it’s “people, together with technology”, not just the “right technology”. This approach is what drives our solutions.

We are relentless when it comes to customer service. We know that business continuity is vital to our customers, and this drives us to be highly dedicated to our customers, our communication and our responsiveness.

As a customer, you can rest assured that our Solutions Experts are across every aspect of your technology system and requirements, and are on hand to assist with any support you need, when you need it. 24/7.

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