OBT Wins Trusted Systems Impact Award

During the conference, the 2018 CRN Impact Awards recognized homegrown Australian innovators, tech projects and Intellectual Property that demonstrate real benefits for organisations around the country. 

Cloud solutions. Security innovation. Global telecommunications. All things IoT were trending at the Pipeline Conference, where innovators and technologists exhibited their backend solutions to customers in the gas, oil, water and slurry pipeline industries. During the conference, the 2018 CRN Impact Awards recognized homegrown Australian innovators, tech projects and Intellectual Property that demonstrate real benefits for organizations around the country. 


And The Winner Was…

OBT won 1 out of a total of 11 categories this year. We took home the title (and trophy) for Trusted Systems at this year’s award ceremony. This award followed on the heels of our 2017 win for Workplace Empowerment


What Is The Impact Award?

The most successful organizations partner with innovative companies that form a foundation for their success through technology that really makes a difference. The Impact Awards give credit where it’s due—to the backend solutions that drive the frontend experiences. The CRN Impact Awards recognize technology providers who are changing the face of business for organizations throughout Australia—and celebrate the innovation that will drive the future. 


Why Do The Impact Awards Matter?

For innovative companies, customer testimonials are key. They let us and our future clients know we’re doing a great job at furthering their bottom lines in the most secure and streamlined ways. The award proves to us and our customers that we’re making a difference for organizational cybersecurity and resiliency. We only succeed if our customers succeed, and that drives us to create the best product and provide the best service possible.



How We Did It

When Planet Plumbing set out to increase its cross-network security measures and improve accessibility, the company connected with us. We set them up on Secure365, utilising Microsoft Office 365 public cloud platform and adding layers of cyber security while enabling them to become more agile. Our cost-cutting solution helped the company save big and boost its competitive edge in the plumbing market.


A Trusted System

For the Trusted System award, the judges consider companies that are at the forefront of security advisory, cybersecurity and business continuity. The Trusted Systems award winner is determined by its ability to protect data and networks, ensure business continuity, protect transactions and increase resiliency.


The Categories

Channel partners, technology companies and IT distributors from across the country vied for recognition for work well done across seven project categories, three innovation categories and a distribution performance category.


Other Impacters

Other 2018 Impacters and their category awards included DiUS, Digital TransformationCustomer Experience; Thomas Duryea Logicalis, Modernizing Infrastructure (enterprise); Combo, Modernizing Infrastructure (mid-range); Outware Mobile, Workforce Empowerment; Enviato, Exporting Innovation; Cohesio Group, Evolving Innovator; Reekoh, Emerging Innovator; Alloys, Distribution Performance; AirBridge Networks, Network Evolution; and Mangano IT and Telestra, Working Together.

The Impact Awards were a time for Australian backend solution innovators to come out from behind the curtain and let their products and services shine. And that’s exactly what we did. Want to know more about OBT’s trusted solutions? Contact our team today.

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