Keeping Your Business UP During Pandemic Season – Part 2

While there is lots of talk about the benefits of working from home, there are a few key strategies that go a long way in creating an ideal work from home “culture”.

The first article we published around “Keeping Your Business UP” was so well received, we thought we’d give you another 10 quick tips that that will have a massive impact on your morale, efficiency and security. 


As most of us have mobilised to working differently, communication is vital with our clients, staff, partners, tenants, etc. So, ensure you have the ability to swiftly communicate with ALL parties as required. Seek good communication tools to send one message to all parties, be it emergency SMS, group emails, blogs, RSS. And, keep it secure!


With the increased number of video meetings occurring with people at their homes, it’s important to consider that as you share a glimpse of your personal world with your professional clients, to be mindful what’s in view of the camera in addition to you. A simple painting or better still, a nice pot plan goes a long way with the view.


With your team working on their own and/or corporate devices, it’s vital to keep ALL applications patched up-to-date and secure. The rate of patch releases have increased and you need to stay up-to-date and secure and a managed patching service ensures this.


With your team constantly working from the one location at their home all those hours, it can be very daunting and taxing on them. Consider say having all huddle calls from a mobile device while they are in the back garden or even encourage a short walk during these calls.


Ensure you keep doing business and having your clients and partners sign relevant documentation electronically. Use a reputable tool for electronic signing & management of documents.


You’ll have many different personalities on your team. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know them all and everything is fine (especially during this time). Don’t mistakenly think they’re fine and then be taken off-guard. Do a daily call with at least one person each day. Their well-being is vital and with a simple one-on-one call, much can be uncovered and settled.


As cyber criminals have upped the ante, you need to be a step ahead with all your passwords. Change your passwords and ensure they are each unique and complex. A managed password management system makes this a breeze.


Since you’ve probably lost the in person shoulder-to-shouldering fun with your team, why not lighten things up (chances are they need lightening up!) with your hard working team and have a monthly fun session. Try an online Trivia evening with the greater team. You might even find you extend it to partners/spouses!


With most of us in lock-down, make the most of the time you have. Don’t waste it. Invest in yourself and make time during this lock-down season to train and gain new skills. Be ahead and set yourself up with skills that’ll be in demand for when we all come out of this season into a new era.


During this season, its easy for you and your team to think its all crap and you’ve got the worst of it. Focus on those out in the world that have it many times worse than you. There are some amazing charities that do great work and with you and your team taking the time to support and work with them will help shift the focus off our problems to those who really need help. It will bless them and bless you and your team too!

Remember this may be a challenging season, but it’s also a time that you can shine as an employer.

As Maya Angelou famously said “People will usually forget what you do and say, but they will always remember how you made them feel”. 

There’s no better time than now to be mindful of this as you relate to your team working remotely – will will always remember (and hopefully cherish) how they were treated and looked out for during this time. 

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