Keeping Your Business UP During Pandemic Season – Part 1

Is the constant stream of pandemic messages getting you “down”? 

Well, here are some tips by OBT Managing Director to help you look “UP”, and keep your business UP and running through this season!

If you’re a firm that doesn’t have a clear pandemic plan in place (like most would not), here are a few practical points you can action now to help your business “prep-up” for anything that might be around the corner.


With more people using home internet it can get really slow. Get backup internet via mobile data with extra downloads.


Cyber criminals have no mercy, exploits will increase to take advantage. Initiate simple regular awareness training to keep your team ‘switched-on’ specially when not in the office.


Especially with more staff working remotely that aren’t working behind your firewalls. Put in simple yet effective protection for all of them including those with their own devices (BYOD).


With more people working remotely, a common practice for financial authorisers would be to instruct via email or SMS. Don’t do it! Setup a simple process to send authorisations and have a daily call with the acting party.


With possible extended periods away from the office, plan for deliveries and postage(like bills). Have one of your team get those posts directed to an email alias and have alternative delivery plans in place.


With more remote working, IT infrastructure for remote volumes will be under pressure. Call your telcos and obtain some burst-ability and do the same for core infrastructure.


Not all organisations are on a voice platform that’s remote-friendly. There are very easy ways to ensure your whole company can take advantage of VOIP, even in a few days.


Many staff just need their notepads or even their thinking flipcharts. Train your staff in this season to carry their required books/pads with them always, just in case tomorrow is the first remote day for the next quarter!


Many staff won’t have the dedicated space to work at home. Encourage your teams to find a dedicated space so they can be focused and productive (not on a couch).


With most staff being used to human interaction and seeing others every workday, there’ll be a feeling of losing touch. Introduce at least a brief morning huddle and even an afternoon one.

These simple steps will save you a whole lot of pain and hassle if you can anticipate and stay a step ahead.

For more tips you can also check out Keeping Your Business UP during pandemic season – Part 2.

If you’re stuck on anything, we’re here to help – just send us an email.

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