How OBT Took Eureka Real Assets Off Desktop Working

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In an effort to create an enhanced experience for its customers, Australian real estate fund manager Eureka Real Assets thought the best place to start would be in empowering its staff, both at work and away from their desks.

The company, which manages more than $5 billion in real estate assets, wanted their staff to be able to communicate and work securely with their choice of device, location and form factor. Eureka also wanted to create a collaborative office environment that suited a range of functions and technology that would get its staff excited about their workplace.


“We asked OBT to setup and configure whatever we needed to make Activity Based Working successful. We wanted them to realise the vision, to bring together the technologies and services that would enable ABW to become a reality,”

Eureka has been a customer of Microsoft partner OBT for more than 13 years. Since the fund-manager’s foundation in 2003, it used OBT’s desktop-as-a-service for 12 years. OBT helped Eureka, now in the next phase of its technology evolution, achieve an activity-based working transformation through the right advice and technology.

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