Giving Back

Our big 'Why'

Giving Back

OBT exists to make a tangible difference to children and families within the global community. 

Since our inception a fixed portion of OBT’s profits have been assigned to change the lives of children and families who need help, via OBT’s charitable arm, “The Destiny Foundation”  which has been a substantial shareholder in OBT since 1999.

We specifically support three main causes that are having a significant impact in the areas below:

1. Family Relationships

Restoration of healthy marriages, children to parents, sons to fathers, mothers to daughters.

2. Children under five in impoverished circumstances in South East Asia

The focus is on organisations who support children to receive an education and equip them with what they need for this.

3. Teenage mothers

We work with organisations that support both the mothers and the children in these circumstances to look after the emotional and physical health of both them, their children, and their families.

100,000 Lives

Through OBT, already many lives have been impacted and our goal is to impact 100,000 lives. But while the number is significant, it’s the goal, not the focus. Each life that is impacted means the world to them, their family and community, so rather than focusing purely on numbers we value each and every life that is impacted.