Data Analysis Tools Expose The Global Vulnerabilities Of Everyone’s Servers

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Protecting your company’s computer systems can be a daunting task. As an experienced executive, you understand the world of cybersecurity is constantly shifting and, consequently, threatening to tear your enterprise apart. But even though every business worries about the threat of cyber attacks, they still may be underestimating how widespread cyber attacks truly are. But it’s hard to blame these businesses for underestimating the frequency of these sort of attacks, since the actual numbers are so high they almost seem exaggerated. But these numbers are real, and they should be a sobering reminder that the internet, and any systems connected to it, are in constant danger of attack, with the keyword being constant.

Visualizing Cyber Attacks

Having a clearer sense of the number of cyber attacks happening per second can give you some insight into how to best protect your enterprise from hackers and malware. The best way to do this isn’t through estimates and percentages, but to see in real-time how cyber attacks develop across the globe. We’ve taken the time to put together a short video to help you visualize this in a more accessible way. This video features a map that updates in real-time, revealing not only how often, but where cyber attacks take place. The results are shocking, and may make you reconsider your enterprise’s cybersecurity solutions. This will only be a positive development for your company since, as you probably already know, having a more intimate knowledge of the frequency and nature of cyber attacks will allow you to fortify your systems for the future.


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