Can Wearable Technology Be Effective For Legal Professionals?

Wearable technology is slowly but surely becoming part of everyday life. More and more people are using Bluetooth headsets, fitness trackers and smart watches daily to add convenience to their lives.

But do wearable devices have use in the professional world?

Law Technology Today interviewed its board for the article “Can Wearable Technology Be Effective For Legal Professionals?” to find out whether such devices were useful for legal professionals.

They concluded that currently popular wearable technology has some use but not enough to lead to widespread use in the profession any time soon.

They, however, look forward to further development of some wearable devices that are still nascent but had a lot of potential.

Apart from providing convenience, the uses of today’s wearable gadgets are communication, acquiring information and extending the convenience provided by less-handy technology, according to the panelists.

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