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3 Crucial KPIs For Your IT Infrastructure

The digital transformation has ushered in tremendous opportunities for business growth. However, between tightening budgets and the evolving needs of your clients, it can often

5 Reasons Why Travelled Employees Are Better

Chances are you’re looking at a candidate’s resume, experience, education and wanting to understand how he/she thinks to add value to the organizationor company. Although, all very important

Does Your Board Know The Risks Of CEO Fraud?

CEO Fraud is a scam in which cybercriminals spoof company email accounts and impersonate executives – Especially the Chief Executive Office (CEO) -to try and fool an

A New Type Of Revolution: Samsung Folding Phone

The traditional concept of cellphones was completely shattered when smartphones were introduced. Yes, once upon a time, flip phones, blackberries and sidekicks were the “must-have”