AI Has Changed The Cybersecurity Game As We Know It

The creation of Bashlight and Mirai malware resulted in a shifted paradigm that created an environment for next-generation Cyber security using AI.

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated increasing their attack vectors, and as VentureBeat published, “the number of reported cyber attacks and the magnitude of breaches keep rising. There are many frontiers where harnessing the predictive power of AI might give the upper hand to security vendors.” This predictive power is what is causing the shift allowing security measures to not longer be only retroactive but also proactive preventing breaches before anything happens. VentureBeat called out the following startups as trend makers in their specific challenges: CyberXPFP CybersecurityDojo-LabsCylanceDeep InstinctInvinceaPhantomJaskStatusTodayCyberLyticBitSightSecurity ScorecardVectra NetworksDarkTraceBluVectorDeep InstinctLookout Mobile Security, and Checkpoint (Lacoon Mobile Security).


  • Most IoT devices currently have little to no security measures to prevent hacking beyond a change of a default password; CyberXPFP Cybersecurity, and Dojo-Labs are working to develop low resource AI-based prediction models to detect issues and threats.
  • File-based attacks remain the primary attack vector due to security failures and alert fatigue; CylanceDeep Instinct, and Invincea are all working towards creating engines to sift through large banks of code to detect malicious injected programming.
  • Hackers are now using basic items like web-cameras, AI’s ability to transpose and interoperate cross-channel and cross-protocol data in real time to detect network anomalies thus allowing proactive detection; Vectra NetworksDarkTrace, and BluVector are working towards creating systems to integrate various forms of data and metadata while maintaining user privacy to detect malicious traffic.
  • With the increasing threats to IoT devices, PhantomJaskStatusToday, and CyberLytic are beginning to use AI’s capability to provide an omnipresent analysis of signals to detect malicious code and activity creating proactive opportunities to prevent breaches using their own security operating centers.

The IT security industry is placing hope in the idea that Watson and other AI systems can begin to create connections and provide analysis. It’s exciting to see how technology has progressed from analog but with new technology comes new problems to be solved. We will continue to see innovation as API, cloud and AI technologies progress.


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