5 Reasons Why Travelled Employees Are Better

Chances are you’re looking at a candidate’s resume, experience, education and wanting to understand how he/she thinks to add value to the organizationor company. Although, all very important aspects to qualify a candidate worthy of filling the position, Linda Brimm an INSEAD Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour and author of Global Cosmopolitans recommends to factor in their travel history.

“The strength and skills developed by a global cosmopolitan lifestyle can, if identified and used correctly, provide a significant competitive advantage in any marketplace. Employers should seek to unearth them.” –Linda Brimm

Brimm highlights the significance for executives and entrepreneurs to understand a candidate’s value beyond the words written on their cover letter or resume. She discusses why global organisations should prioritise a prospective candidate’s travel history within the initial interview. Organisations that have an interest in a candidate’s travels can shed light into the organisations challenges and changes, adding insight and a new perspective that hasn’t been uncovered yet.

Failing to discuss ones’ travel history in an effective dialogue is a missed opportunity on the potential opportunities that an organisation could gain from a global cosmopolitan. Executive and entrepreneurs who don’t tap into their employees’ global awareness and experience from their travels may feel their talents, experience and skills are being under utilised, as a result they may leave their job to satisfy their motivation and goals elsewhere.

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Cynthia Dearin Article on SeeThroughThe.Cloud

Cythia Dearin is an international business strategist & investor, keynote speaker and author of Amazon best-seller “Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires: Your Guide to Business Culture in the Middle East and North Africa”. 

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