4 Hidden IT Costs, And A Powerful, Cost-Cutting Solution

Private Enterprise Solutions were once the go-to option for leading organizations. But enterprise technologies tend to be expensive, laden with features that staff don’t use, and have a learning curve that inhibits fast and full implementation. But virtual IT solutions have changed everything.

Today, more and more businesses are opting to use app and desktop virtualization. Demand has made Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) a $30 billion worldwide market. And it’s only going to continue to grow as enterprise platforms continue to drain IT budgets.

Here Are 4 Reasons Businesses Are Making The Shift To DaaS.


DaaS is priced using a simple subscription model. So businesses get predictable monthly costs, without the capital expense and time required to build everything yourself. In fact, businesses report 70% savings when using low-cost, thin clients to replace outdated PCs.


Enterprise solutions often require costly training to use, as well as an army of IT support staff to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. With DaaS, application updates are handled automatically and security is built into the solution.


Private IT solutions silo information to devices. When devices are lost, all of the data is lost, too. But virtual desktops store everything in the cloud. This means employees have the freedom to work where they want, at the office or from home.


To grow and meet demand, businesses need IT solutions to scale quickly. Being flexible saves you money by allowing you to scale up or down to match your business growth. DaaS provides companies with the flexibility to add applications and users at a moment’s notice.

As businesses strive to increase their cost-efficiency, more and more are opting for a streamlined solution. Discover the benefits of moving your workspace to the cloud with a DaaS platform.

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