14 IPhone Gestures That Boost Productivity For General Managers

iPhone gestures aren’t usually associated with productivity.

Mentioning the former creates mental images of people staring at their iPhone, swiping left (or right), checking updates, liking posts or finding a date on Tinder.

The latter brings to mind people hard at work, like General Managers working from sun up to sun down to keep their business running smoothly.

Actually, there are some iPhone gestures (most of which aren’t well-known) that can make even General Managers (GMs) more productive.

Here are no less than 14 productivity-boosting iPhone gestures:

1) Swipe Down to Easily Save Your Emails as Drafts

GMs receive numerous emails every day, many of which demand a prompt response, so they read and reply even on the go. There are times when they have to but can’t. There is an iPhone gesture that can solve the problem.

A recently added gesture to the Mail app, you can now swipe down while composing an email to save it, which allows you to get back to it when you can.

If you were working on multiple drafts, you can save all of them. To easily get back to them, tap and hold the compose button in the lower-right corner.

2) Swipe Down to Turn Text in to Audio

Reading messages while driving is dangerous if you don’t have a driver. Stay safe by turning the text in to audio.

Go to Accessibility in General in Settings and then choose Speech and Speak Screen. Once it’s activated, drag down with two fingers to have your phone read  text out loud. A floating control panel will appear that lets you adjust the speed.

3) Swipe Right to Seamlessly Use Multiple Apps

There is a way for you to avoid becoming overwhelmed when using multiple apps simultaneously.

iOS features a Back button which occasionally appears in the top-left corner. Easily go back between apps by swiping right from the left edge. This works with most of the native apps and the other major apps.

4) Pinch to Zoom in on Videos to See Every Detail

Say you’re watching a TED Talk and you’d like to take a closer look at the table the speaker is explaining. Just pinch to zoom in on the video, like you would on a photo. Doing so lets you gain more information, which could let you run your business even better.

5) Tap and Drag to Change the Scrubbing Speed

Want to skip through videos faster? Tap and hold the progress, or scrub, bar and then drag up before dragging left or right. Doing so changes the scrubbing speed, giving you more control over the jumps. You can then drag left or right while pressing with your finger.

6) Tap and Hold to Bring Accidentally Closed Safari Tabs Back Up

When you have multiple tabs up, you risk closing one or a few by mistake. To bring them back up, open the Tab View by clicking the icon in the lower right-hand corner and then tap and hold the new tab icon, a plus sign, to see the recently closed tabs.

If you’d like to reorder them in the Tab View, tap and hold the individual tabs.

7) Tap to Quickly Zoom in on Apple Maps

Zooming in on Apple Maps is necessary for a better look at where you’re going, but doing so is a chore. It’s hard to get your fingers positioned correctly for a pinch-to-zoom. Instead, do a double-tap to zoom in and a two-finger tap to zoom out.

8) Tap and Hold to Easily Archive Messages

In iOS’ Mail, tapping the trash icon underneath a message deletes it. Tapping and holding the icon instead lets you delete or archive the message. You can also set the swipe actions to archive or delete messages via the main folder list in the main settings.

9) Tap and Drag to Select Photos

Just like how zooming in on Apple Maps usually is, selecting multiple photos is a hassle. Not any more thanks to iOS 9. You can now choose Select in the Photos app; tap individual photos; and tap and drag to highlight several photos at once.

10) Swipe Left to See Extra Message Details

Swiping left in Messages lets you see when your messages arrive on the recipient’s device. You can also pull down from the top on the main screen to pull up the search box and run a query on all of your messages.

11) Swipe Left or Right for Precise Deleting in Calculator

By swiping left or right on the main number display field, you can delete one digit at a time, which lets you avoid the hassle of needing to start over if you make a mistake because you need to press C or CE.

12) Swipe Down to Hide the iMessage Keyboard

Sometimes the keyboard is a distraction when scrolling back through your conversation history. Swipe down on the message right above the keyboard to hide it. Tap back inside the text entry field and the keyboard will reappear.

13) Tap and Hold to Switch between Keyboards

In case you’ve forgotten, you can pick out a character and then return to the original keyboard without having to tap a second time, by tapping and holding the number symbol instead of just tapping. This works in reverse with the special character keyboard. Using these gestures will greatly increase your typing speed.

14) Shake to Quickly and Easily Undo

If you’ve made a mistake and need or would like to undo it fast, just shake. Doing so undoes the last action you did in a myriad of apps, including Mail and Messages. It also lets you bring back archived messages or remove the last piece of text you typed.

If you’d like or need to switch the feature off, you can via Accessibility under General in Settings.

Given these useful iPhone gestures, you’re sure to become more productive than ever before.

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