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Did you know most professional services firms that implement DaaS will reduce their total IT cost? Reduce your capital expense and internal infrastructure management costs with managed Desktop as a Service & OBT.

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Your business connects with the outside world a thousands times a day, having the right protection is crucial for the health of your business. We have a fully managed Secure365™ that is designed to protect your customers, partners and employees whilst keeping your business operational and compliant.

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Your staff are targeted daily with phishing email messages that are designed to steal your company’s money. Cybercriminals do this by installing malicious software or stealing sensitive information off of your system.

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OBT was established in 1999 by an IT pioneer. From the very beginning we offered private cloud hosting services, and we’ve been at the forefront of the same industry ever since. Unlike some other businesses in our field, we haven’t just jumped on the cloud bandwagon. We’ve got a proven track record that has withstood the dot com crash and a global financial crisis, and we continue to thrive as more businesses realise the benefits of cloud computing.

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